What are the stages of the process?

A principled decision of most apartment owners that they wish to convert their residential environment into a safer, more enjoyable one and increase the value of their apartment.

To prevent delays, it is advised to reach a principled agreement with all the building residents.

Contacting Dankner 38 and sending basic data.

After most of the building residents decided to explore the possibility of launching an NOP 38 process, the residents’ representative and/or representation chosen will contact us.

We may be contacted through the website and/or by phone 1-800-38-00-38 for receiving initial data about the project.

Initial inspections of the building and adjusting it to NOP 38/3 or NOP 38/2 with Dankner’s experienced, skilled team and scheduling a first meeting with the residents’ project representative.
At this stage we will collect the required data about the building and project. After we verify the data with the authorities, an initial feasibility test is conducted. At this stage, we also request the building representative for a mapping of the ownership structure in the apartments. Based on our conclusions, we will hold a meeting with the building representative to complete missing information and provide an explanation about the process at Dankner 38.

Meeting with the building representative and other interested parties for an initial project proposal.
In this meeting we will present Dankner 38 to all interested parties, including our the vast experience of the leading team and executed projects, and we will mainly present the specific proposal and custom-made package of benefits for your building and for the needs of the residents, including a specification of building reinforcements to be added, elevator, balconies, Mamad, store rooms, development of lobby and building environment, parking solutions and other benefits.

Residents’ choice of legal representation and approval of all residents of Dankner 38’s initial proposal.

The residents will chose an attorney to represent them and will sign a term sheet for executing the project.

Completion of architectural design – presentation of building simulation and demonstration for residents’ final approval and submission of a building permit application to the local authority.
After the final plans have been approved by the building’s residents, our skilled team adjusts the plans to detailed plans so that they would optimally correlate the requirements of the local authority. This is where the vast experience and familiarity of our team with processes at the authorities and with the requirements of the strict standards are reflected, so that the project is approved and meets the timetables agreed upon.

Negotiations and signing an agreement by the parties with Dankner 38.

At this stage negotiations are conducted between the developer’s attorney and the residents’ attorney under which the final terms of the agreement will be agreed upon, including all appendices thereof (such as technical specification, sketches, timetables etc.).

Receipt of building permit and start of works on site according to agreed timetables.
We, in Dankner 38, understand that every detail in this stage of the process must be well planned so that the whole process will be as short as possible (and not at the expense of its quality). We realize that while we are building – you live in the building… This is why we make sure to coordinate with you the times of activity, we keep the building clean (and if required, hire a cleaning company), and more important than anything, we make ourselves available to all the residents for the entire project and don’t go anywhere!

At the end of the project, the upgraded building will be delivered to the apartment owners, after all the works and repairs have been completed, to the very last detail.
This is it. You have cut the ribbon and the project is now completed!
All that you – residents -have to do is host friends and family on your new balcony, enjoy the new rooms in your apartment, the exclusive lobby, the gardens and impressive green areas, and experience a sense of security.
You are now living in an apartment that is worth up to 25% more!
And… don’t worry. We will continue to be in touch with you also after the project ends to make sure that all reject repairs are completed. Enjoy!