What do the residents gain?

A store room to prevent clatter and waste of place in the apartment and to enable accessible, effective storage.
Green areas, well kept gardens and shaded play areas (when the building allows that) for the welfare of the residents and children.
Renewing and improving the building's facades for a clean, fresh and environment-adjusted look.
Advanced, adjusted to the state of premises, and mainly esthetic parking solutions.
A new, renovated lobby with convenient access ways that make you want to come home.
In order for you to feel (and be) safer – a residential secure space (Mamad) that meets all the requirements of the standards and Home Front Command.
A spacious, functional sun balcony that enlarges the apartment area and is suitable for nicer hosting of friends and family.
A bigger, more spacious living space – enlarging the apartment area by up to 25 sq m!
Installing a new, up to standard elevator.
Reinforcing the building according to the strictest construction standards and permits.