The leading team at Dankner 38 has accumulative experience of dozens years in development, planning, supervision and engineering.

Developer Gadi Dankner
Has over 15 years of experience in real estate and development of successful projects,including building residential projects, hotels and commercial buildings, both in Israel and abroad.

Rachel Abraham and Liat Dankner Architects
A firm managed by architect Rachel Abraham, BA in Architecture and MA in Conservation from Haifa Technion and by architect  Liat Dankner, BA in Architecture from Pratt Institute, New York and MA in Town Planning from Haifa Technion.

The firm has 30 years of experience in building projects in general and NPO 38 projects in particular. The entire team focuses on a dialogue with the clients in order to meet their needs and aspirations, maximize and exhaust the building capacities in each project, and accomplish functional, esthetic and unique designs.

The firm deals with a variety of areas, including NOP 38 projects, residential buildings of various types, building additions in condominiums, and designing industrial and office buildings as well as wineries and hotels.


Building engineer and supervisor – Yossi Abraham
Yossi Abraham – Engineering Consultancy, Management and Supervision (Eden Engineering Ltd. and Eden Gadish Engineering Partnership) has a BA in engineering from the Technion, Haifa and MA in Architecture (specialty in conservation). With rich engineering knowledge and experience of over 35 years Mr. Abraham specializes in providing a comprehensive solution to clients' needs, from establishing plans and the planning needs of clients to supervision and actual execution of projects.

In 1982 Yossi founded Eden Engineering Ltd. that dealt with the management of residential, public and commercial buildings as well as hotels and wineries. Mr. Abraham supervised and managed numerous residential projects as well as NOP 38 projects, building additions, massive reconstruction projects, and other complex infrastructures. Among others, his portfolio includes the following projects: Harrods Hotel, Crown Plaza Hotel, Eilat, King City, Eilat, Isralift plants, Barkan Wineries and many others.


Landau-Bloch Law Firm
Adv. and CPA. Gil Landau is a graduate of the Faculty of Economics at Haifa University and of the Faculty of Law at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya. He was admitted to the bar in 2000 and has been a member of the Israeli Bar Association ever since. Prior to embarking on his independent route, Adv. Landau worked in a leading law firm in Haifa where he acquired extensive experience in commercial litigation and handling real estate transactions. As of 2003 Adv. Landau has been the owner of a firm that specializes in civil-commercial law and handles, inter alia, property laws and real estate transactions, banking laws, corporate laws, labor laws and collection and charge enforcement proceedings.

During the past two years Adv. Landau has been dealing with all the aspects of accompanying projects and realizing building rights under NOP 38 and has gained considerable experience, inter alia, in accompanying residents in the processes of examining and realizing projects.