In 1980 a standard was established for the resistance of buildings against earthquakes. The majority of the buildings that were built by that year do not meet the strict standard.

In 2005 the National Outline Plan for reinforcing buildings against earthquakes (NOP 38) was approved.
The plan is an Israeli unique, creative invention aiming to encourage the private market to act towards reinforcing buildings against earthquakes by granting additional building rights.
The plan was designated to enable reinforcement to buildings that fail to meet the requirements of the standard by granting incentives.
These incentives are designed to encourage home owners to realize the plan on the one hand, and on the other hand to allow that by the financing of private developers and at no cost to the home owners and the government.

Currently there are two ways to realize NOP rights:
NOP 38/3 – reinforcement of the building, improvement of its façade, and addition of Mamad, elevator, sun balcony etc.
NOP 38/2 – demolition of the existing building and building a new one instead.

Whether NOP 38/2 or 38/3

the plan enables to add building rights to the apartments, including Mamad, elevator, balcony, lobby renovation, building upgrades etc. 
In consideration to these actions, the developers receives all the building rights in the building (2.5 floors or as permitted by the local authority). 
The project costs, including financing, planning, building and taxation expenses, are applicable to and paid by the developer.