Dankner 38 specializes in the planning,development and supervision of real estate projects for building reinforcement and improving life quality.

Our leading team has considerable experience and proved capabilities which will enable you to increase the value of your apartment at no cost on your part.

  • Our professional team's experience in residential and NOP 38 projects we have already done that!
  • Financial stability – ability to finance projects with a commitment to start and finish the project according to a pre-agreed timetable.
  • Commitment and transparency – in each project we clarify from the outset the package of real benefits that may be received from the authorities, with no false promises.
  • Meticulous, responsible project management – an experienced project manager assisted by 5 expert branches (planning, engineering, legal, financing and operational) in order for the project to meet agreed timetables and for all our undertakings (and beyond) to be met optimally and to the residents' satisfaction.
  • Level of finish – there are many ways to execute building projects in general and NOP 38 projects in particular. At Dankner 38, we chose to make the extra mile with everything – we chose the best materials, invest in extraordinary professionals who know how to provide services, providing careful designs – yes, even if it costs us a bit more.
  • Insurance – we don't take unnecessary risks. Each NOP 38 project is insured under suitable insurance policies for the professionals and the contractor, according to the needs of the project.
  • "People live here" – we, at Dankner 38, remember that while we work at the building, you live in it. The meaning is that we will set special hours for noisy works and special hours for quiet works, that we will keep the building clean, and above all, that we will allow you to lead as normal a life as possible as the project progresses.