NOP 38 is a National Outline Plan for reinforcing buildings that were built before 1980.

This plan is designed to prevent these buildings from collapsing in case of an earthquake in Israel.

The location of Israel, in the Great Rift Valley, places it in a very high risk for earthquakes.
Expert geologists claim that it is only a matter of time until we are surprised in this regard.
According to the National Planning and Building Council, there are over one million apartments in Israel that will not withstand a strong earthquake.
In addition, this plan enables you to add a residential secure space (Mamad) to your apartment thereby being ready and more protected against earthquakes.
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The State of Israel provides a benefit package to property owners who chose to enter a building reinforcement process.
In order to promote the plan, the government is providing incentives to developers, such that in addition to adding a residential secure space, balcony, elevator and reinforcing and renewing the building, the developer receives building rights as specified in the NOP or UBP (Urban Building Plan).
This is how, in fact, with no cost on your part - the residents - you are entitled to improve your safety and lifestyle and improve the value of your apartment by more than 25%!